Adam and Jade Trevithick
April 26, 2017, 9:30 am:
The dream of building a house is an exciting one. We are a family of 7 and as such cost is always going to come into the equation. With the cost of building through local builders in the area for the house we had dreamed of for three years prior was impossibly expensive.

The reality and realisation of building it ourselves was a daunting and seemingly out of reach, until we met Kerry and his team from The Steel Frame Company.

Kerry introduced us to Endura, a Pre-fabricated steel frame system, that can be custom designed to any configuration imaginable. We knew what we wanted and with the help of Kerry and Darrel, our dream was fast becoming a reality. After a few meetings, the house we had longed for was in front of us on a cad computer programme ready to be rolled and fabricated on site in Mudgee. Kerry and the boys never left us hanging, always in contact, and always helpful.

The reality was that the total cost of doing it ourselves with the help of The Steel Frame Company and using the Endura steel frame was under half of what it would have cost to build through a local builder.

For a couple that had no building experience prior to beginning this journey, we navigated the plans easily and I always thought of it like a mega size meccano set and essentially that is what it is, with care and precision, and following wall and roof guides, walls pre-fabricated line up and
fall into place, and after a few months the bones of our house were set.

The Steel Frame Company aided with insulation, and colourbond roofing and all fixings to complete the external requirements of the build.

I would and do highly recommend Kerry and his company for any build whether it be shed, or house for their un-matched service, professional and personal approach to building. I know this is not our last interaction with Kerry as we plan to build a shed next, and know without a doubt it will be a positive and reliable build.

Thank you Kerry for helping to make our dream come to life.

Adam and Jade Trevithick
Geoff Hawes
April 9, 2017, 2:33 pm:
I have been in the building trade for fifty three years. In 1993 I decided to try building with a steel frame and trusses. I found some advantage and disadvantages with the system. Over the past twenty years I have built sixteen houses with steel frames. The last two I used the new 90mm frames.

These frames are far superior to the old frames. The 90 mm frames are more ridged and fit together a lot easier than the old frames. The flat bracing and adjustable tensioner allows one person to plumb the frame and eliminates the need for sheet bracing.

The truss system is much improved and is easier to erect. The fixing bracket on the trusses eliminates the need for triple grips. The trusses are a far better design while still remaining easy to handle. My last project had standard trusses sixteen meters long and we were able to get them off the ground and erect them with three men. The frames are light and can be easily erected by two persons. I have no hesitation in recommending the frame and truss system.

Geoff Hawes Mudgee
Scott Fittler
April 9, 2017, 2:32 pm:
When faced with the decision of building steel or timber frame our choice was easy in the end.
As a real estate agent of 15 years I understand that Mudgee is a high risk area for termites.

After researching the Steel Frame Company in Mudgee we discovered that the product is reliable, cost effective and most of all it doesn’t shrink like timber frames can.

We found Kerry and his team at The Steel frame Company a pleasure to deal with and recommend that anyone thinking of building in Mudgee should check out their product.

Scott & Angela Fittler
Jason Boxsel
April 9, 2017, 2:31 pm:
My name is Jason Boxsell. I am a local builder in Mudgee.

I have used Enduroframes, walls and trusses on a job in town.

The speed of erection and the simplicity of screwing wall frames together at junctions made me think about using Enduroframes on my new home.

The price from the Steel Frame Company came in on budget. The Enduroframe system uses only Australian made Truecore steel and is designed and rolled in Mudgee on their rollformer.

Frames arrived on time – straight and true and went together like a dream. Now I have a steel framed house which is termite proof – won't twist, shrink or move for life, and no more planing or straightening of wall studs.

I would recommend their frames and trusses to anybody thinking of building in steel.

Jason Boxsell
Phillip Fuller Constructions Pty Limited
April 9, 2017, 1:57 pm:
I recently used a new framing system from your Steel Framing Company in Mudgee.

I was very pleased as this system is a vast improvement and more cost effective than the previous one which had a 75mm wall.

The new system has a 90mm wall which is more in keeping with the fit out products which are available for builders; especially for cavity sliders.

It is also slightly heavier allowing skirting’s and architraves to be gun nailed which allows this product to compete very well with timber frames.

The product is easier to erect and is now competitive with a timber frame for fit out time.
The added advantage of being white ant proof would have me choose a steel frame every time.

I highly recommend this system to builders and owner builders alike.
Bill & Suzanne Chambers
April 9, 2017, 1:51 pm:
Hi Kerry,

Just to let you know we have finally moved in to our new House. This is the second steel frame home we have built and we could not be happier, the house went from start to completion in just 25 weeks. The final product is better than we ever imagined, with huge rooms and an amazing layout.

Your assistance in helping us reach our final plan prior to building was greatly appreciated and gave us the feeling of confidence in your product. Many thanks for assistance, we now look forward to many enjoyable years in our new house.

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