Steel Framing Company can help you with your next project, whether it be residential or light commercial. From Master Builders to Owner builder, the errection of a steel frame is easly handled by 2 people with minimum tools required. All frames and roof trusses are pre-numbered makeing the installation of the frame as easy as puttting a simple puzzel together.

We prepare design drawings using our in-house ENDUROCADD™ program for council approval, through to advising how to make the most out your quality steel frame.

Support is available throughout the construction process to ensure every aspect of the construction is correct. Our fully qualified builders are available should you come accross any issue to answer any questions through to visiting your site to check and answer your questions.

The Steel Framing Company can even organize installation of the frames and supplying the roofing, gutters and downpipes if required.

The Steel Frame Company does not provide certification for the steel frames, including wall frames and trusses. Certification for these products is provided by ENDUROFRAME™.

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