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Welcome to The Steel Frame Company

Steel Frame Company has a long background supplying steel framing in the Mudgee area with 2 locals Kerry and Daryl. All trusses and wall frames are pre-fabricated in our Mudgee factory using Australian-made TRUECORE® steel which comes with a 50 year warranty against corrosion using the ENDUROFRAME™ building system. Steel trusses and frames are provided with all drawings, accessories, tie downs, battens, and even steel roofing and gutters. Either Kerry or Daryl can even show you how easy it is to put the frames up!

If you already have your plans drawn for your house or extension bring them in or email them to us and we can create the steel frame and trusses from your plans.

Benefits of buying a steel frame from Steel Framing Company:-


  • Backed by local knowledge and support provided by the Steel Framing Company
  • Design flexibility. There is great flexibility in the designs that can be achieved using the ENDUROFRAME™ building system including large, clear spans, complex roof shapes and the ability to meet the most demanding architectural design
  • Termites do not damage steel frames and the steel frames do not require any toxic chemical treatments for protection
  • The steel frames are fully engineered to comply to Australian standards with the engineering backed by BlueScope Steel
  • Frames stay straight and true. They won’t shrink, twist or warp, reducing the likelihood of cracking cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or wavy rooflines
  • Steel frames are a non-combustible material and will not add fuel in the event of a fire
  • Backed by a 50 year BlueScope Steel warranty*, TRUECORE® steel provides homeowners with the peace of mind of knowing their most valuable asset is protected by the strength of steel
  • The steel frames are recyclable. Steel is the 2nd most recycled material on the planet (after water!) so at the end of a long life the frames can be recycled

One Stop Shop

The Steel Frame Company has all the contacts and resources to supply direct to your site the additional components needed for your construction. With detail engineering drawings produced by the Steel Frame Company they can split saveoff the detail requirements for your steel colourbond roof sheeting, colourbond gutters and facia and colourbond downpipes. These components can be delivered to your site at the scheduled time.

The Steel Frame Company can also use the engineering drawings to have produced, cut to size, the steel flooring system and deliver it to site at the required time.

Full insulation requirements from ceiling and walls to under flooring insulation batts can be supplied. All material requirements are caculated from the detail engineering drawings produced by the Steel Frame Company.

These products can be supplied in most, if not all instances at a lower cost than the individual can obtain then for. With delivery direct to your site you remove the hassle of late or early delivery, issues with transport and the countless phone calls, not to mention that the specifications will be correct.

The Steel Frame Company only users the highest quality suppliers that have been tested over many years of supplying materials. So talk to us about your material requirements and save yourself time and in most cases money. When it comes to materials supply, we just make it happen.

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Bill & Suzanne Chambers
April 9, 2017, 1:51 pm:
Hi Kerry,

Just to let you know we have finally moved in to our new House. This is the second steel frame home we have built and we could not be … read more

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